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Hexadecimal Pronunciation and Spelling Guide

The Amalgamated Union of People Who Have Nothing Better To Do Than Think of These Things (AUPWHNBTDTTTT) has recently concluded applying its prodigious talents upon the highly troublesome hexadecimal system. The AUPWHNBTDTTTT issued a report that concludes that the many problems of the hexadecimal number system can be traced to the fact that it lacks a coherent standard in the pronouncing of its digits. To rectify the situation, relieve the hexadecimal system of its strain, and to provide a uniform and unified parlance, the AUPWHNBTDTTTT recommended the adoption of the following Hexadecimal Pronunciation and Spelling Guide (HPSG):

Digit Pronounced Spelled
0 zîr'o zero
1 wun one
2 tue two
3 three three
4 fôr four
5 five five
6 siks six
7 sev'en seven
8 ate eight
9 nine nine
A ä ah
B bee bea
C see cea
D dee dea
E ee ea
F eff eff
"Teen" Pronounced Spelled
10 ten ten
11 i-lev'en eleven
12 twelv twelve
13 thur-teen' thirteen
14 fôr-teen' fourteen
15 fif-teen' fifteen
16 six-teen' sixteen
17 sev'en-teen' seventeen
18 a-teen' eighteen
19 nine-teen' nineteen
1A ä-teen' ahteen
1B bee-teen' beateen
1C see-teen' ceateen
1D dee-teen' deateen
1E ee-teen' eateen
1F eff-teen' efteen
Hex's Place Pronounced Spelled
20 twen'tee twenty
30 thur'tee thirty
40 fôr'tee forty
50 fif'tee fifty
60 siks'tee sixty
70 sev'en-tee seventy
80 a'tee eighty
90 nine'tee ninety
A0 ä'tee ahty
B0 bee'tee beaty
C0 see'tee ceaty
D0 dee'tee deaty
E0 ee'tee eaty
F0 eff'tee efty

With the further note that for subsequent powers of sixteen, the numeral 'A' should acquire an 'l' at the end. Thus, A00 is pronounced "äl hundred" and spelled 'ahl-hundred", A000 is pronounced "äl thousand" and spelled 'ahl-thousand", etc.

Despite its oddities, this report is the most productive work ever to be created by the AUPWHNBTDTTTT and likely to be the only potentially useful construct that it provides to society.

Information Updated On: 2005-07-28
Information Entered On: 2005-07-28